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Theraputic Benefits Of Lymphatic Drainage

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How Often Should I Get A Massage?

How Often Should You Get a Massage?

 Every day! Well, maybe that’s not practical, even though it would be nice. This is one of the most common questions clients ask about massage therapy, and it really all depends on WHY you get massages. Do you get massages for health benefits? Or, to help you relax and handle the stress of everyday life? Most likely it’s a combination of the two, so let’s look at some of the most common reasons to get regular massages:

Relaxation & Stress Relief

One of the very best reasons to get a massage is for relaxation. Relaxation massage helps to support your body, including blood circulation and flexibility of joints. Regular massage can help prevent pain, muscle tension, and stress points from building up and causing problems. Why wait until you have a problem to get a massage? Massage is perfect for preventing issues with your tissues. Relaxation massage is usually recommended at least once per month, or as often as you want!
There may be times in your life where you experience higher levels of stress and more muscle tension than normal. It is especially important
to practice good self-care during these times. When we “don’t have time” for a massage, is usually when we need one the most. Make yourself a priority even during stressful times, your health is worth it.
If you are in a high-stress job or you work in an environment where you stay in a certain position for a long period of time (at a computer for example), you may begin to develop tight or “knotted” muscles. This will frequently occur in your shoulders, arms, and back. All of this increased muscle tension will make movement harder and can cause a great deal of pain. Regular massage can help to keep you loosened up and will help to prevent pain and stiffness.
Living with high levels of stress for a prolonged amount of time increases the risk of contracting heart disease and other diseases. It has been estimated that 75 – 90 percent of all visits to primary care physicians are for stress related problems. The good news is, massage can help! Just knowing your massage is coming up in a few days can help to relieve stress, and a massage every 2-4 weeks will help with stress related tension.

Sports Recovery 
Are you a weekend warrior, or do you just like to stay in shape? Either way, massage can help with sports performance and recovery. Many athletes and physically active people receive sports massage because it enhances their performance, prevents injury, and speeds up their muscles' recovery. Competitive sports can put a lot of stress on a person's muscles! Research conducted at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging at McMaster University in Ontario shows that massage reduces inflammation and stimulates the growth of new mitochondria, the energy-producing units in the cells, after strenuous exercise. This means that massage can help relieve pain, build muscles and help with muscle recovery too! For these benefits it is recommended that you get a massage up to three times a week or at least three times a month.

Chronic Health Conditions
People with ongoing health issues often find massage very helpful to alleviate symptoms. Chronic health problems that greatly benefit from massage therapy include back pain, joint pain, and localized inflammation. If you get therapy for specific issues, the frequency of getting massage therapy varies with the type of condition you have and how severe it is. Relief from pain can usually be achieved with 2-4
massage sessions per month. Your massage therapist will work with you to help you get on the best schedule for your body.

Pregnant women can greatly benefit from massage therapy!  Prenatal massage and is popular among expectant mothers, who often experience a lot of aches and pains as their pregnancy progresses. Many women suffer from back pain, hip & sciatic pain, headaches, and tired legs & feet. But you don’t have to, a certified massage therapist can help to relieve those discomforts. 
Going to your massage therapist once or twice a month can help with the symptoms caused by pregnancy, and it can even help you sleep better.  Of course, it’s always a good idea to check with your doctor and your massage therapist to ensure that you don’t have any pregnancy related conditions that would contraindicate massage therapy for you. Most women experiencing a healthy pregnancy can and should enjoy regular massage sessions.

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Friday, April 6, 2018

Lymphatic Drainage After Plastic Surgery

Swelling is normal after an injury or surgery. Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) is a particular technique useful for swelling. It helps keep the lymphatic drainage system functioning at a peak level by stimulating the lymph vessels and lymph nodes. Stimulation of the lymphatic system increases the rate at which the body removes waste, dead cell particles and inflammatory agents from our tissue. Accelerating the lymphatic flow has been demonstrated to reduce swelling and bruising of the injured tissue. Studies indicate that as the volume of fluid at the injury site is reduced, rehabilitation time may be shortened. The New York State Licensed massage therapists at Wave Crest Massage are trained and certified in the gentle techniques of Manual Lymphatic Drainage.

Tummy Tucks
By moving the lymphatic fluid away from the tummy tuck area, both swelling and bruising are reduced. This helps to make the tummy tuck results more immediately apparent. 

Breast Augmentation
MLD can move the lymphatic fluid away from swollen areas without affecting the healing process. MLD after breast augmentation can help improve the results of the surgery and dramatically increase your level of comfort.
Following breast augmentation, patients may notice the effects of the body's immune system as it responds to the perceived trauma of surgery. When the immune system detects an injury, it directs lymphatic fluid to the area to aid in the healing process. While this is a desirable effect during an injury and is not harmful in any way following surgery, the swelling and bruising that accompany this effect can be uncomfortable and may obscure the results of your breast augmentation surgery.

MLD is an effective method to treat swelling and lumpiness experienced after a liposuction procedure, speeding recovery time. Not only do patients appreciate the pain reduction often experienced from MLD, but they can see their procedure results much sooner with the reduction in swelling. It's common for liposuction clients to have what they see as a problem area of hardess or lumpiness after the procedure. MLD and other manual therapy techniques can also soften these areas.

Facial Procedures and Facelifts
While many cosmetic procedures can benefit from MLD very soon after completion, facial procedures may require more time before beginning MLD. As with any surgery or procedure, we tell all clients to get permission from their doctor before beginning any post-treatment.
MLD can expedite recovery and is a technique that assists the movement of lymph fluid in the lymph vessels and body tissues. The lymphatic vessels are drains that run throughout the body. They remove the swelling and fluid in the facial skin and tissue. MLD is a precise touch technique that helps move fluid through the lymph vessels to resolve swelling.

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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Specializing In Therapeutic and Esthetic Lymphatic Drainage

Massages designed specifically to enhance the flow within lymph vessels have been shown to have numerous positive health benefits. These treatments can be very effective before and after surgery to help in healing wounds or chronic conditions, or as part of a beauty regimen. At Wave Crest Massage in Suffolk County we provide lymphatic drainage massages on the head and face as well as the entire body to help with these conditions.

Lymph vessels play a big role in transporting waste, water, proteins and other debris within the body. They remove these materials from connective tissues and carry them to the bloodstream, performing filtering and other functions along the way. At the sites where the lymph vessels pass through lymph nodes, additional functions related to immunity are taken.

When an injury is sustained or surgery is performed on connective tissue, the lymph system is forced to work overtime to efficiently remove all the inflammatory products and toxins and pull these substances away from the affected area. The entire system is thrown into overdrive and vessels can become congested, slowing lymph vessel functioning when it is needed most and in turn curtailing recovery.

Almost anyone can benefit from the Therapeutic and Esthetic Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage from our Certified Therapists at Wave Crest Massage.
Some of the reasons why many health-conscious people seek this treat are:
  • Pre-Surgery - When performed prior to an operation, this massage can help prepare the body for surgery by flushing out toxins, stimulating the immune system and ensuring that the lymphatic system is functioning as it should prior to surgery.
  • Post-Surgery - After an invasive  procedure is performed, the body (and the lymphatic system in particular) can be overwhelmed. Trauma has occurred and all the systems are fighting to send the surgical site what it needs to heal while at the same time carrying away dead cells and other waste that must be filtered out. In times of stress, the lymph vessels can become overwhelmed and slow their functioning, extending the healing process. This treatment can help get the body back on track for a faster, healthier recovery.
  • After an Injury - The lymphatic system is critical to the healing process. Sprains, strains, whiplash, burns, wounds, bruising and swelling can be reduced and healing time shortened.
  • Chronic Conditions - Lymphatic drainage therapeutic massage has helped people find relief from a variety of chronic conditions including fibromyalgia, digestive issues, migraines, allergies, arthritis, sinusitis and tinnitus to name a few. It is also frequently used to reduce the pain associated with various health conditions.
  • Cosmetic Reasons and General Well-Being - Even if you aren't planning surgery or have not suffered a serious illness or injury, you can reap the benefits of heightened lymphatic activity. Lymphatic drainage massage has been shown to reduce the appearance of cellulite and to rejuvenate the skin by promoting new collagen growth. It can also help in the treatment of puffy eyes and alleviate stress and fatigue.

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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

What Couples Massage Can Do For You

There’s something just a bit special about couples massage. Giving your partner a body massage is a treat; and a wonderful way of helping them de-stress after a hard day and showing them you care. There are obvious benefits to the lucky person on the receiving end of the massage of course; but what about the person giving it?

It’s relationship-building

Spending time doing something solely for your partner really does show them that you care. Yes, you could give them a coupon for a massage at the spa but think about how romantic it can be to dim the lights and take care of massage yourself?
A spa or salon massage is necessarily clinical – it’s relaxing and enjoyable of course but it’s in a massage bed with someone who has to keep you at emotional and physical arm’s length to do a professional job. Couples massage is completely different; you’re massaging in your own familiar surroundings, there’s no pressure and you don’t have to leave after 60 minutes. The relaxing benefits of massage from someone that you know well are easy to understand. There’s no awkwardness so he or she can get straight into the feel-good tension busting mood.

It helps to build trust

Trust is vital to any relationship and a massage is a wonderful way to establish that bond.  If you know your partner really well – and we assume you do – you’ll be able to pinpoint the exact moment that they just let themselves go deeply into the massage and relax under your touch completely. At that point, they are completely surrendering and trusting you totally. It’s a powerful emotional connection for both partners.
Building trust leads to stronger feelings of intimacy, which helps to reduce stress. Reducing stress has a cumulative effect; it helps protect against conditions that develop when stress builds up in the body like cardiovascular disease, autoimmune conditions and even IBS.

It improves intimacy

A couple’s massage is a completely different thing than a professional treatment, even if the strokes do the same thing. Of course, that’s how it should be; nobody wants to get too attached to their massage therapist! When you’re having a couples’ massage though it’s a different scenario – you’re doing this for your partner because you care for them and want to be physically close to them. Intimacy isn’t just a physical thing – it’s also about emotional closeness which isn’t something that all relationships have automatically. 
Building an intimate connection with someone is good for your overall health; it releases the hormone oxytocin which promotes bonding and also helps to boost your overall wellbeing. You can nurture the intimate connection with your lover just by spending time alone with them, just concentrating on each other.
Although massage isn’t the only way to do this of course, it’s a really good way!  Try it – watch as your emotional connection deepens.

Giving a massage makes YOU feel good

You’re so wrapped up in giving that massage and making your partner feel good that you don’t have the time to think about day to day niggles. Those minor irritations that seemed so important get put to one side as you massage away, and the tension seems to melt away from both of you. You can become quite absorbed in the act! There’s no denying that giving a massage can feel as good as getting one as you bond with your lover.
A couples’ massage session gives you peace, quiet and alone time where you can tune in to each other’s needs. The act of making your partner feel good reflects on you and you’ll feel more positive about yourself and your relationship. You might even be able to talk your other half into returning the favor…


Join us to learn how to massage your partner

  • How to create a relaxing massage “room” environment
  • 3-4 basic massage techniques that you can use for a full body session
  • Using just the right amount of pressure
  • The flow of giving a great massage
  • Using your intuition, and intention
Almost anyone can give a great relaxation massage after learning the basics. You’ll benefit from all the health benefits of massage, fewer headaches, deeper sleep, and less muscle tension, and enjoy spending this time with your partner. 

This demonstration is intended for those who are not looking to become Licensed Massage Therapists, but do want to learn how to give a great massage as a personal skill to their family and/or loved ones!

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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Raindrop Aromatherapy

Raindrop Aromatherapy is a gentle yet powerful technique developed from ancient Egyptian and Native American energy principals. These techniques are combined with ancient Tibetan reflexology, various massage techniques and the power of therapeutic grade essential oils to create a truly unique and wonderful experience.

It is a treat to all of the senses, the body, the mind and spirit. Raindrop Aromatherapy is usually performed in silence, giving you the opportunity to sink into a deep state of relaxation and inner connection. Many people drift off to sleep when they receive Raindrop Aromatherapy, aided by the relaxing effects of the essential oils.

Raindrop Aromatherapy massage utilize only the purest, therapeutic grade essential oils. The massage consists of at least 7 different oils and two oil blends applied in a specific sequence, first on spinal reflexes of the feet and then by dripping them along the spine and muscles of the back. They are then massaged into the body using gentle massage techniques. The application of these oils helps to release toxins, balance the body's systems and open the energy flow throughout the entire body. The treatment ends with moist heat applied to the back followed by a gentle neck massage.

For a professional massage, seek a licensed massage therapist. The American Massage Therapy Association recommends you ask your massage therapist about their credentials to practice massage therapy. Talk to your massage therapist about why you are seeking massage therapy -- this will help your therapist choose the best style and approach to your massage.

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Sunday, October 29, 2017

Massage Therapy For Pain Management

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), pain affects more Americans than diabetes, heart disease and cancer combined. You might be wondering how to treat your pain, and massage therapy is one option that is showing promise.
Research continues to support the health benefits of massage therapy for pain management. Find out how massage therapy can help these five painful conditions.

1. Low-back Pain - Back pain is a common neurological ailment in the U.S. Research shows that massage therapy can help decrease pain, reduce disability and lower anxiety/depression in low-back pain sufferers.
2. Fibromyalgia - Studies indicate massage therapy can be a beneficial part of an integrative treatment plan for those with fibromyalgia syndrome by reducing pain, improving quality of life and decreasing anxiety, stiffness, fatigue and more.
3. Post-operative Pain - Post-operative pain can complicate recovery, lengthen hospital stays and interfere with a patient’s return to activities. Recent research indicates massage therapy can be effective for reducing pain intensity/severity and anxiety in patients undergoing surgical procedures.
4. Tension Headaches - According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, tension-type headache is the most common type of headache. Research has shown massage therapy can decrease perceived pain, frequency, duration and intensity for those dealing with tension headaches.
5. ArthritisResearch indicates that 60 minute sessions of Swedish massage once a week for those with osteoarthritis of the knee significantly reduced their pain. In addition, research shows that massage therapy can decrease pain and significantly impact some rheumatoid arthritis patient’s ability to control the mobility of their limbs.

For a professional massage, seek a licensed massage therapist. The American Massage Therapy Association recommends you ask your massage therapist about their credentials to practice massage therapy. Talk to your massage therapist about why you are seeking massage therapy -- this will help your therapist choose the best style and approach to your massage.

Roy is a New York State Licensed Massage Therapist and has worked in high end spa’s as well as rehabilitation centers. He is well known for his Relaxing Massage as well as his skill's in Medical Massage and Sports Massage. Contact Roy at 631-375-0962 or email at to schedule your next appointment

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